A car accident attorney will help when you’re in trouble

Texas has a large population spread over a large area. This means that there is bound to be a lot of motor vehicle traffic, as its citizens try to get from one area of the state to another. Unfortunately, with lots of traffic, there will be lots of accidents. However, some of these accidents may be preventable. Certainly, authorities are attempting to analyze statistics in order to help find the causes of these accidents and target them. The hope is both to reduce the total number of accidents and to reduce the portion of those accidents that have one or more fatality.

Drunk driving and speeding are common causes of automobile accidents everywhere, and there are already strict programs to try and reduce those. That leaves the other potential causes, which have increased in recent years or are less obvious. Distracted driving is one, and it has increased with the advent of cell phones and tablets. People try to multi-task and end up crashing. With the strange weather patterns these last few years, not everyone knows how to adjust to different driving conditions, so that has played a big factor as well. And while people know about drunk driving, they may not realize that driving while too tired is considered just as dangerous.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident and either party was involved in one or more of these behaviors, there will probably be legal matters to deal with. When you need a car accident attorney, look no further than Kirkendall Dwyer LLP. Our lawyers are prepared to help reach an official solution to the way the car accident has thrown your life out of whack, whether it be due to medical expenses or just damages to your vehicle.

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