Balch Springs Accidents Kills Couple

A husband and wife from Joshua died after they sustained injuries resulting from a car accident on November 7th in Balch Springs. The crash occurred at about 7:40 p.m. in the southbound exit lane of I-635 at the exit to eastbound I-20, according to police. The accident occurred between a Toyota Corolla and a Honda CRV.

The couple was in the Honda CRV. The woman was driving at the time of the accident and was airlifted to Methodist Hospital, where she later died from her injuries. The man, a passenger in the vehicle, died at the scene. The woman driver of the Toyota Corolla was uninjured.  Police were investigating the crash and did not indicate whether charges would be filed.

Car accidents with injuries or even deaths such as this one are all too common in Texas. In this case, the police need to complete the investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident and who was responsible for it. If the accident is the result of negligence on the part of another, the victims may be able to recover their medical and other expenses. A Dallas auto accident attorney may be helpful in reviewing the accident to determine how best to proceed.

The Dallas auto accident attorney will need to establish who was at fault for the accident. Once this is determined, the lawyer will need to find the cause of the crash. If negligence was involved it is likely that the victim may be entitled to compensation. Compensation may be paid for expenses that are directly related to the wreck such as medical costs and lost wages due to being unable to work while injured. Your Dallas auto accident attorney may also believe that the victim should get money for pain and suffering as well as money to cover the costs of future medical treatments should they be necessary.

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