Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer in Dallas after an Accident

On Monday, December 16, along Interstate 30 in Dallas, an 18-wheeler wrecked and spilled diesel onto the freeway. The truck actually struck a Kia first and then ran into a traffic barrier. Hitting the barrier was what caused the fuel tank to rupture and cause the spill. This shut down the westbound traffic on the Interstate at Sylvan Avenue, which is just west of the downtown area. All of this happened during the morning rush hour, which caused some major issues for commuters along the roadway. The shutdown lasted several hours since hazmat crews had to come in and clean up the diesel fuel. The driver, along with the two passengers in the Kia received minor injuries. They may want to consider getting in touch with a truck accident lawyer in Dallas about the incident.

While any accident is unfortunate, the injured parties here are lucky to have only received minor injuries. Accidents involving large trucks do not always end well. In fact, many times, they end with severe injuries or even death. The size of the vehicles compared with regular cars and trucks on the road often mean that the victims, such as those in the Kia, have severe and debilitating injuries. Those who receive injuries or property damage because of these sorts of truck accidents should always contact a truck accident lawyer in Dallas to help them.

All accidents can be frightening and devastating. If you or someone you love has been in an accident involving a truck, you need to have quality representation to make sure you receive the damages you deserve. Make sure to get in touch with a good attorney who works in the field of auto accidents and who can help. The attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can provide you with the legal help you need.

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