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Two Men Killed, Five Injured in 18-Wheeler Accident

Two college students were recently killed and five people injured after their vehicle was struck by a semi-truck. Two people in the cab of the 18-wheeler were treated and released from a local hospital, as reported by My Fox DFW.

18-wheeler accidents can be quite catastrophic and may result in serious injury or death. These trucks are so large that they can easily crush smaller trucks and cars. If you have been injured in a semi-truck wreck, you need to contact a reputable Dallas truck accident attorney. At the scene, call 911 right away.

First things first, though. Seek medical attention right away, for you and any injured passengers in your vehicle. There may be signs and symptoms that don’t appear right away, and can be debilitating after the passage of time. It’s important to have medical injuries attended to as soon as possible. You can call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, your Dallas truck accident attorney, before or after your doctor’s office or hospital visit.

Contacting an attorney is important, and you will also want to call your insurance company. Do not admit guilt to anyone, even if you believe you might have been partly to blame. Emotions do strange things and you may also be experiencing shock.

Even if you assume that the semi driver has enough coverage for your claim, you may be entitled to greater compensation than you are offered by his insurance company. They may deny part or all of your claim, and your Dallas truck accident attorney will go to work on your behalf, to make sure you get everything you are entitled to receive.

Don’t speak to an insurance provider from the trucking company at the scene of the wreck, or before you have contacted an attorney. Your attorney will be more suitable as a representative for your injuries and property damage. Be sure not to say anything about the accident to anyone. These statements, even if they are simply emotional in nature, can be taken out of context and used against you by the trucker’s insurance company.

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