Dallas Car Wreck Shuts Down Highway

A car accident in Plano, Texas involving a box truck led to traffic delays on June 20. The police closed the Dallas North Tollway in both North and South directions early in the morning. Commuters to work had to find some other route until the highway was reopened.

Police reported that the box truck was on the Tollway heading northbound close to Parker Road at about 6:00 in the morning. The reason for the crash was because the truck was clipped from behind by another car which caused the driver of the truck to lose control of the vehicle. If a driver is clipped from behind on the road, then contact a Dallas car wreck attorney for advice.

The truck then turned over on the highway and slammed into the median wall. The impact was violent enough to push the barrier into the southbound lane. This was the reason both lanes of traffic had to be closed by police. Repair crews needed to set the barrier back into place before the police could reopen the highway to motorists.
A few of the northbound lanes were able to reopen after a coupe of hours. Traffic traveling southbound was backed up due to the barrier being an obstacle in the roadway. The repair crews needed most of the morning to repair the damaged section of the wall. This  kept the inside lanes of the highway closed until the repairs were completed.

The inside lanes reopened by midday. Police also reported the driver involved in the accident was taken a local hospital.
One of the main reasons for accidents on the highway is typically due to driver error. This was the case as the car that clipped the truck was following too close. A driver involved in an accident on a highway will need the expertise of a Dallas car wreck attorney.

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