Investigation Reveals Cause of Fatal Dump Truck Accident


Courtesy of WFAA Channel 8

An investigation into the fatal dump truck accident that killed two on September 10 on Dallas’s LBJ Freeway shows that the dump truck driver was at fault.

The accident resulted in the dump truck straddling both sides of the freeway, crushing two vehicles.  The two occupants of one of the vehicles died on the scene.  The occupant of the other vehicle says that had he moved one inch in either direction, he would have been killed as well.

At the time of the accident, the dump truck driver said he was driving 60 miles per hour when another car cut him off and caused the accident.  However investigators believe that this is not the case.  They say that the 19 year old dump truck driver was driving too fast, especially given the narrow lanes and the fact that there is massive construction underway.  When the dump truck driver had to slow down because of traffic, he lost control and was unable to regain control.  Improper steering and improper evasive action led to the deadly accident.

The dump truck company that employs the driver, Rizo Trucking, has not commented on the new report.

There is very little that the drivers involved in this accident could have done to prevent it.  The responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the dump truck driver and his employers.  Did the 19 year old have proper training?  Had he exceed his hours of service, leaving him reckless and dangerous behind the wheel?  An experienced car accident attorney can get to the bottom of your accident and hold the right parties responsible.

Whether you are facing serious physical injuries or a wrongful death, you do not have to suffer alone.  Our car accident attorneys are compassionate and experienced, and have the resources to thoroughly investigate your accident.  Contact our attorneys today to discuss your case.

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