Man in Wheelchair Hit by Truck

Early in the morning on July 15, 2013, a man was hit while in his wheelchair. The exact time of the accident has not been disclosed, but different reports say 5:20 or shortly before 5:30. However, the news articles disagree on whether that is when the accident occurred or when the police arrived at the scene at after receiving a call from the driver. Either way, the man in the wheelchair incurred serious injuries from the truck and was found on Riverfront Boulevard near the intersection of Interstate 30 and Interstate 35E

He was hit by a driver in a pickup truck as he turned right into the street without looking. The driver did not have enough time to stop or get out of the way to avoid the collision. Fortunately for the truck driver they are not going to be charged with any wrongdoing, but could still face civil liability.  At the time of publication the man in the wheelchair was still in the hospital and is in serious condition. As of now it still remains a mystery as to why he suddenly turned in the road, but it is something he could discuss with a Dallas car accident lawyer.

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