Midland Veterans Parade Accident Fault of Parade Plan

A year after the fateful Midland Veteran’s Parade train accident occurred, the National Transportation Safety Board stated Tuesday, November 12th that the accident was the result of faulty parade planning and that the accident was not the fault of the truck driver towing the trailer seated with veterans.

The annual parade in Midland involved a local charity that invited the veterans to a three-day weekend of hunting and shopping in appreciation of their service. The weekend ended tragically as the parade truck towing a float of wounded veterans and their wives were struck by a train at 62 mph. Four veterans were killed and 11 other veterans and their wives were injured.

Due to the cheering crowd, marching band and police escorts, the driver never heard the oncoming train. He was not able to see the flashing lights or warning system due to the fact that he was watching his mirrors to ensure the passengers were safe as he navigated a dip in the road. The NTSB is faulting parade organizers and city officials for their lack of safety planning.

Despite the guardrails and the railroad crossing warning system, the driver had an expectation of safety. In the past, the parade route that crossed the Union Pacific tracks had police stationed at the highway grade crossing. However, precautions involving alerting the Union Pacific or requesting police officers stationed at the crossing were dropped. Additionally, the city did not require parade organizers to submit a safety plan.

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