Overpass Partially Collapses after Big Rig Accident

A truck accident is responsible for a partial overpass collapse in West Texas. According to a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Transportation, a section of I-20 west of Big Spring may reopen soon after emergency repairs were needed. The overpass collapsed after a two-vehicle accident occurred between two 18-wheelers on November 7. The accident happened near mile market 170.

The crash reportedly happened when an 18-wheeler struck the guard rail, then over-corrected, hitting into the bridge support beams. This caused a portion of the bridge to fall. Then, another 18-wheeler hit into the debris in a second crash. The road is closed until repairs on the bridge can be completed. Initial reports indicate that neither of the drivers was injured. No charges have been immediately filed.

Accidents such as this one demonstrate the need to ensure truck safety. Recent reports indicate that many truck accidents are the result of driver errors. Although this accident is still under investigation, the likely cause may point to driver fatigue, a big problem among truck drivers. While no injuries occurred this time, many truck accidents happen with other vehicles and can cause serious injuries.

A truck accident lawyer in Dallas should be consulted when you are injured in a truck accident.  The attorney will review the accident report issued by police as well as statements made by witnesses. The cause of the accident will need to be determined. If the responsible driver was found to be negligent, the injured victim may be able to collect money to pay for medical bills and lost wages as a result of the crash. In serious cases, a truck accident lawyer in Dallas will seek future medical expenses as well as money for pain and suffering. An experienced truck accident lawyer in Dallas will review the case to decide the best way to proceed.

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