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Pickup and Car Collide in Plano

In a recent Plano accident, the northbound lanes of Hwy 75 were closed near Legacy Drive. The driver of a pickup truck was in the left lane when traffic abruptly stopped. This driver attempted to prevent an accident by swerving beside a vehicle in front of him. Instead, he entered the HOV lane on the highway and struck a sedan.

As a result, this sedan traveled along the concrete barrier of the highway and hit a light pole, flipping it upside down. Four people in the car were taken to the hospital, according to CBS Local DFW. Three of these people only had minor injuries, but a young girl was dead on arrival.

The five people in the pickup were not injured. The Plano Police Department is still investigating the crash. All occupants had on their seat belts or proper child safety seats.

An auto accident can simply ruin your day, or take the life of a dear family member. When someone else causes an accident resulting in your losses, you deserve to be compensated. A car wreck attorney in Dallas will be able to help you to recover something of what you have lost. Of course, the life of a loved one is irreplaceable.

Check to be sure you are not injured after an accident. Call 911 and check on the others in the accident, if the scene is safe. If your car is in a safe place, or is not drivable, do not attempt to move it. Leave the car if it is in an area that isn’t safe. Turn your engine off first, and switch on your hazard lights.

Calling Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, your car wreck attorney in Dallas, is a logical step. He can assure you of what you need to do in the aftermath of a vehicle collision.

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