Possible Street Racing Leads to Serious Accident in Old East Dallas

Street Racing Accident in Old East Dallas

Courtesy Dallas News

Unsafe driving and failure to obey the rules of the road appears to be the cause of a multi-vehicle collision in Old East Dallas.  The multi-car wreck shut down Junius Street in Old East Dallas.

According to witnesses, the crash happened about 4:45 p.m. on Monday afternoon (November 11) when two cars were racing through the neighborhood at a high speed.  A black Acura and a second car raced  both eventually plowed into oncoming cars.   Although it is not entirely clear that street racing was involved, there is some evidence to indicate it may have taken place.   Illegal street racing is the cause of numerous serious accidents in Dallas and throughout the United States

The owner of the Acura said that his car had been stolen, and he believes the alleged thief was driving the car at the time of the crash.  The crash was sufficiently severe as to cause property damage to at least five cars and it also resulted in several personal injuries.  There were two ambulances at the accident site to transport injured individuals.

It is unclear whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the apparent joyride and eventual crash, but authorities will undoubtedly conduct a thorough investigation and then determine whether anyone will be charged in connection with the incident.

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