Report: Elderly drivers involved in fewer car accidents

About 10 years ago, experts predicted that baby boomers would cause more car accidents that would result in fatalities, due the large number of older adults.

But recent reports say those predictions have not come true, so your Great Uncle Ned just may be able to keep his car a little while longer. From 1997 to 2012, drivers 70 to 74 have seen a 42 percent drop in fatal accidents, while drivers ages 35 to 54 have only seen a 30 percent drop for the same time period.

The statistics were released in February by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The news is a welcome indicator that cars on the roads are getting safer, but there is still a need for car accident attorneys to help with the car wrecks that do happen. Higher rates of fatal accidents still occur with the elderly over age 80, which could be caused by any number of factors.

Deaths overall in car wrecks have declined in the U.S. to the lowest level since the 1940s, which officials say is partly because of safer vehicles. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s study shows that older people are driving more, but the fact that the fatal car accidents have dropped could mean a couple of things: 1) that baby boomers are healthier and therefore can drive longer or 2) that the generation tends to take more precautions, such as avoiding driving at night, long distances or in bad weather.

Safety precautions for any age include wearing your seatbelt, avoiding distracted driving such as talking on a cell phone or texting, avoiding driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and marijuana and being attentive and alert. But if you are in any sort of accident in the Dallas area, contact a car accident attorney immediately.

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