Teenager Killed After Being Dropped Off at School

A tragic accident the week of November 12 took the life of a teenager shortly after he was dropped off at school. The person who dropped him off hit him only minutes after he had gotten out at his school, the Townview Center magnet school for science and engineering.

The report revealed that the driver had made a U-turn, hitting the teenager. He was pinned under the vehicle and died after reaching the hospital. The school district sent out grief counselors and police hadn’t said whether the driver would be charged with anything at the time of the report.

The accident was still being investigated, but it does reveal the dangerous natures of school zones. With many pedestrians and many vehicles all sharing the same space, it’s a very hazardous area for both, with pedestrians sometimes darting across the street unexpectedly, cars turning in and out and other dangers. Here are some things that drivers can do to minimize risks.

  • Turn your head to check around and behind you: mirrors always say “No.”
  • Use your signals to indicate when you’re going to pull over or out.
  • Roll down your windows so you can hear what’s going on around you.

These areas oftentimes have very low speed limits; 15mph is common. Obey them. The difference between getting hit by a car going 15mph and a car going 20mph is much more significant than most people think and can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Slower moving vehicles are also easier for pedestrians to avoid, for obvious reasons.

If you are injured by a car, whether you’re a pedestrian or another driver, contact accident attorneys in Dallas about the incident. If there was negligence involved, you may be entitled to compensation, but you’ll need to speak with an attorney first.

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