Three-car wreck in Roanoke

There is a charge pending against one driver involved in a recent accident in northwest Roanoke. He is charged with driving on a suspended license, driving an uninsured vehicle and reckless driving.

This driver was headed north on 10th Street and he ran the red light at Orange Avenue, hitting a pickup truck. This pushed the pickup truck into another car. The driver believed to be at fault was the only one who was injured.

Even skillful and careful drivers get in accidents. You can’t be responsible for the way everyone else drives. Your car accident attorney will have advised you in advance not to admit fault, even if you believe you may be partly to blame. This will protect you when your case is taken to court or decided out of court.

Call 911 after an accident and check everyone for injuries. Call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP and then take photographs of all the vehicles involved, if the scene is safe. Call your insurance company, too. They may work with your attorney and the other insurance companies.

Be sure that you don’t leave the scene of an accident until the police tell you that you may leave. Collect information from the other parties involved, including their names, contact numbers and insurance information.

Your car accident attorney will advise you what else to do at the time of the accident. It’s a good idea to see a doctor, even if you feel fine at the time of the accident. Some injuries may not show up for several hours or even several days.

Even though it may take time to return to your previous medical condition, you should allow your car accident attorney to work for compensation for your pain and your property damage.

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