Truck Accidents: Larger vehicles cause more damage

Traffic accidents that involve large commercial trucks may be more serious than car accidents. As compared to the typical 3,000-pound car, a fully loaded commercial truck may weigh over 80,000 pounds. Collisions between the two often result in serious injuries or fatalities.

If you are involved in an accident with a truck, check yourself and your passengers for injury first. Check on the truck driver as well, although typically they are not severely injured in collisions with cars. Call 911 and then call your truck accident lawyer, to determine what your next steps will be.

Trucks are inherently more dangerous than cars, but this is made even worse if they are carrying flammable or hazardous materials. These can cause even more serious injuries, like respiratory injuries or burns. If you or a family member is involved in an accident with a truck, you can recover proper compensation for your injuries and your vehicle damage from Kirkendall Dwyer LLP.

After you have recovered from your injuries, you may feel more like proving the negligence of the trucker who hit your car. The trucker may not be the only person or entity who is at fault. The company that the trucker works for, or the makers of the truck, may be at fault. A reputable truck accident lawyer will identify the proper defendant from whom to reclaim your losses. If he targets the trucking company, he will prove that the company had some control over the behavior of the driver.

You may receive legal compensation for physical, financial and emotional losses that were results of the accident. It is difficult for one to place numeric value on losses that are not related to money, but it can be done, with the help of a truck accident lawyer.

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