Truck driver killed when forced off road by another 18-Wheeler

Semi trucks are immensely large and more powerful than cars. This is all too evident when they are involved in accidents. In a recent accident, one semi was forced off the road by another on I-35W, according to local police.

The driver of the truck that caused the accident continued without stopping, after he forced the other truck off the road. The southbound lanes of I-35 were closed until the rolled truck could be set upright and have its cargo safely unloaded.

After a collision with a truck, you will be upset and understandably shaken. Make sure that you get any medical attention you need. Check on the condition of the truck driver, too, and call 911. Then you can contact a truck accident lawyer in Dallas to handle the costs involved in getting better physically and in getting your vehicle repaired or replaced.

After an accident involving a truck, your timing is critically important. There are actions you should take to protect your interests and your rights. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is a truck accident lawyer in Dallas who will let you know what you are entitled to, after a collision with a truck. Seek medical care at once, even if you’re not sure how badly you may be injured. Qualified care is important, because you cannot make up for lack of initial care, down the road.

Take photographs of the vehicles involved and injuries of people who were passengers in your car. There should be clear photos of injuries, if this can be accomplished without compromising or delaying medical interaction.

Cooperate with police when they are asking investigative questions. Later, your car will be examined by an expert mechanic. The police investigation will determine how fast each vehicle was moving before the accident, and whose fault the collision was. Call a truck accident lawyer in Dallas to help in getting your life back on track.

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