Woman Goes on Drug Induced Joyride in Dallas

Reshonda Fields

Courtesy DallasNews.com

A 39 year old woman, upset with the way that her kids were behaving, took PCP (angel dust) and then got behind the wheel of her car and went on a joy ride.

PCP is an abbreviation for Phencyclidine, a white, crystalline powder (contaminants may cause tan to brown color), or a clear, yellowish liquid.  PCP is a hallucinogen that at one time was even used as a surgical anesthetic.  Needless to say, it’s impossible to effectively operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of PCP.

During the course of her drug-induced joy-ride, she rammed into several vehicles, eventually destroying her own car when she crashed into another car in a parking lot, setting her car on fire.

With guns drawn, police were eventually able to remove the woman, Reshonda Fields from the car, and when they asked her what had happened, she responded that she had a bad day because her kids weren’t listening to her and her husband wasn’t helping her, so she took PCP and went on a ride in her car to escape.

Police arrested Ms. Fields and she was charged with two counts of aggravated assault as a result of the injuries she caused with her vehicle, three counts of criminal mischief, one count of driving with an invalid license and evading arrest.  She is currently being held in jail on $58,000 bail.

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