2 People Hurt in Mansfield Car Wreck

Two people were injured, one critically, in a two-car accident that occurred early Monday, November 11, in Mansfield. The accident happened at approximately 3 a.m. on Highway 287 southbound, near Highway 360. According to police, a passenger car was stopped at a traffic light when it was rear ended by a pickup truck. The impact caused the car to slide into a ditch.

Two people in the car were injured, one critically. The critically injured person was airlifted to the hospital. The second person was transported to the hospital in serious condition. The driver of the pickup truck was not injured. Police are investigating the crash. As with any accident, the police will try to determine the cause of the accident as well as the responsible party.

In this case, the initial indications seem to show that the driver of the pickup truck failed to stop, causing the impact. The driver may have been negligent by failing to stop. Police have not stated whether alcohol or drugs may have been a factor in the crash. There are other factors that could be involved as well. In accident cases such as this one, it is important to seek help from a Dallas car wreck attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

A Dallas car wreck attorney will work to determine the cause of the crash. The attorney will review the police report, look at witness statements, and look at any photos that were taken after the crash. If there are any questions as to the way the accident occurred, police may try to reconstruct the crash. This could help show what happened and is sometimes done by the Dallas car wreck attorney in order to prove negligence in the crash. If negligence is proven, the victim may be able to collect money to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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