Determining fault in winter semi accidents

Semi accidents are some of the most dangerous and fatal. They don’t happen that often
in comparison to other accidents, since most truck drivers know to be safe and have
sufficient experience to avoid accidents. However, depending on how far they tend to
range, they may not always be familiar with certain weather conditions. The recent
winter storms have left many drivers in southerly states baffled, including semi drivers. If
a semi-truck accident occurs under such conditions, is the driver responsible, or can the
blame be placed solely on the weather?

The answer is that oftentimes, the company that the driver works for will usually be held
financially responsible for any damages caused in the accident, either to people or
property. There may be some cases where the company will disavow responsibility for
the driver or where the damage was so clearly caused solely by the weather or by
another driver that such responsibility will be waived. However, if it seems as though the
company pushed the driver to keep going rather than stop, they will definitely be held
responsible and probably disciplined severely.

If you are a truck company or truck driver, you need to be covered in case of any
accidents, including those due to inclement weather. A Dallas truck accident lawyer can
be a huge asset. You can search for one after the accident, but that could cost you
precious time and also be very stressful at a time when you are already dealing with a
lot. Instead, you could select a firm ahead of time so that you have a number to call as
soon as problems arise. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can be your go-to law firm for any truck
accident cases that require legal resolutions.

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