Drivers can use government website for updates on unsafe cars, motorcycles

These days, it’s not just a bad restaurant review or a glowing endorsement of a facial
that consumers can find online to assist with their purchases.

Through the website, motorists can also review or submit reviews or
concerns about vehicles, recalls, complaints and investigations to just about anything
they can think of related to safety.

The site gives the most updated information regarding recalls and is a credible source
of resources. In that regard, the website could give Dallas truck accident lawyers
Kirkendall Dwyer LLP even more information to consider should any of the products or
issues described on the website come up in a car crash case.

In terms of safety information, drivers can also search tires, technology and child safety
to see if any updates pertain to them. The website can be quite valuable, especially for
parents who are concerned about child safety seats; they can even learn how to install
them and visit the Parents Corner for other helpful tips.

Knowing about faulty vehicles or vehicle parts could make a life-saving difference in a
car or truck accident. Virtually any recall in the media cites as the source
of the recall and gives it as a resource for more information. This happened recently
with a recall on several models of a motorcycle. According to, Honda
recalled 6.954 of its 2013 CB500F standard, CB500X adventure, and CBR500R sport
motorcycles because of a problem with the rocker-arm bolt which could get loose, stall
the engine and cause a crash.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car or truck wreck and need sound
advice, especially if you know that a product involved was the subject of a recall, please
call Kirkendall Dwyer LLP attorneys at 713-522-3529 for expert advice

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