Dump Truck Accident Kills Driver

According to reporting in KXAN, a Buda, Texas wreck involving a dump truck killed one woman. Her grandson, who was with her in her vehicle at the time of the accident, survived the crash. The accident occurred on FTM 1626 in Buda during the first week of November 2013.

The cause of the accident had not been officially determined by the authorities at the time of the reporting. According to the narrative, the truck was eastbound and lost control. The truck hit a westbound car that had stopped, noticing that the dump truck driver had lost control of his vehicle. The truck rolled over, crushing the third car, killing the woman and burying the car in the dirt that the dump truck was carrying.

According to the driver, he had swerved to avoid another vehicle and lost control of his own vehicle afterward.

Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances of the crash. A DPS trooper interviewed in the report said that the dump truck had hit a guardrail and lost control and that, following that, the vehicle rolled over on the passenger car. The roadway has already been the focus of concern over safety and this incident only raises those concerns.

Dump trucks can carry many tons of cargo. Between the massive weight of the vehicle itself and the cargo it carries, one of these vehicles can be a serious hazard, particularly if the driver happens to lose control over their vehicle at precisely the wrong time.

In cases such as these, a truck accident lawyer may be necessary for the injured parties or the survivors of the deceased. Contact one if you’ve been in such an accident, as its likely that the trucking company will immediately begin to take action themselves, anticipating having to defend themselves in court and trying to minimize their financial risk.

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