Fatal Hit-and-Run Accidents on the Rise

According to USA Today, hit-and-run car crashes are on the rise in the United States. Because of the rise in deaths, legislators in some states are seeking to toughen some of the laws that apply to these types of accidents. In some areas, the number of hit-and-run accidents amounts to almost half of the total accidents. When one driver flees the scene of the crash, it is considered a hit-and-run.

These types of accidents take longer for police to resolve and investigate. Some of these accidents remain open for long periods of time without finding the other driver. The increase in hit-and-runs may partially be due to an increase in drivers without proper insurance. Other reasons why people leave the scene is if they have other outstanding warrants. In crashes where the driver caused serious injury or death, they may be afraid of facing the consequences. Other times, the driver may be driving while under the influence.

Whatever the reason, hit-and-run accidents with deaths are on the rise as well. About 60% of hit-and-run fatalities are pedestrians. One of the cities with the most hit-and-run accidents is Los Angeles, where it was reported that there are about 20,000 each year. As many as 48% of all the city’s accidents were hit-and-run, compared with only about 11% nationally.

Any accident is serious, but a hit-and-run can be dangerous. Police will investigate the crash and try to determine the driver. If you have been injured in an accident it is essential to speak with Dallas car accident lawyers as soon as possible. The attorney will review your crash to determine the cause and whether the other driver was negligent. Dallas car accident lawyers may investigate the accident by reviewing the police report and witness statements. If the driver is located, Dallas car accident lawyers may file a lawsuit to recover medical expenses, as well as money for pain and suffering.

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