Four Killed in Car Wreck

A two-vehicle collision on Route 67 in Texas has killed four people and injured seven more. The accident occurred in Somervell County about seven miles west of Glen Rose. The injuries occurred when a white car crossed the median stripes and collided head-on with a red minivan headed in the opposite direction. There were no reports of possible causes of the collision. Authorities transported the injured persons to nearby hospitals in Glen Rose and Fort Worth.

The collision caused the deaths of one man and two women riding in the minivan, and one woman riding in the white sedan. The reports of injured persons included three teenage passengers in the minivan and four from the white sedan: two adults and two children. The information indicated that several of the injured were in critical condition.

In order to evaluate their claims, persons involved in serious motor vehicle accidents will require legal assistance. Surviving family members, injured drivers, and passengers will also need expert legal analysis and assistance. Each faces a difficult task of working through complicated insurance and personal injury laws. In these difficult and life-changing circumstances, one welcomes these questions from an experienced car accident attorney.

There are many types of trucks on the roads. They can be large, small, and in various shapes. Trucks are generally larger and heavier than cars, and many have powerful engines to enable hauling heavy loads. Accidents involving trucks can be among the more serious and devastating events on our roadways. In some accident cases, there are special rules that apply to trucks and truck operators that can be important factors in injury cases. In such cases, to assure a complete evaluation, one can accept a free consultation from a truck accident attorney.

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Sometimes, life changes suddenly. Driving on modern high speed roads is normally a safe and routine activity. However, the unexpected can happen. It can happen without notice and in ways that seem completely out of one’s control. Machines can fail, especially if not properly maintained.  In these circumstances, when accidents cause death or severe injury, the most important point is to realize one needs help. It can be critical to the outcome, the decision to answer “yes” to these questions from a truck accident attorney.

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