I30 closed by 15-vehicle pile up

A recent chain-reaction crash closed Interstate 30 for hours, after 15 vehicles involved in the accident snarled traffic. Officials from the Texas Department of Transportation stated that the vehicles involved in the crash blocked the bridge of I-30 over the lake, which resulted in the closing of both sides of I-30 at Dalrock Road. The bridge remained closed for over 15 hours, until the Department of Transportation reopened it to normal traffic flow.

Fog was determined to be a factor when vehicles collided with the truck that eventually collided with the median between lanes, causing the pileup. Police reports stated that one driver was charged with intoxication assault, even though he was not among the first to be involved in the pileup. An auto accident lawyer in Dallas will help the victims of the crash, to ensure that they are taken care of, medically and financially.

Six semi trucks had front-end damage from the crash, requiring special wreckers to remove them from the road. Trucks that were carrying heavy loads were unloaded before the emergency crews could remove them. Hazmat cleanup was required for fluids including fuel, oil and vehicle fluids from the roadbed and roadway.

Eight people reportedly suffered minor injuries in the pileup. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP will help injured victims to ensure that the costs of medical treatment are taken care of by the driver or drivers who are determined to be at fault for the accident.

The drivers who were the last in the pileup will want to confer with an auto accident lawyer in Dallas, so that they will be properly compensated for their injuries and for the loss of use of their vehicles. Some of the vehicles will be repaired, while others appeared to be total losses.

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