Injured in a Car Wreck: 18 Wheeler Goes over Bridge

An 18-wheeler traveling westbound on Interstate route 30 left the roadway traveled over an embankment and crashed onto the President George Bush Turnpike. Killed by the impact of the truck and the highway, the driver of the 18-wheeler was the only person hurt. A number of drivers and passengers barely avoided injury.  While several vehicles were in motion, at the time towards the point of impact, none collided, no one injured in a car wreck.  The vehicle, owned by B&M trucking of Gallatin, Tennessee, was carrying a load of ceramic tiles. The driver, identified at the scene, was also from Tennessee. The reports did not indicate the cause of the accident.

In this case, the only injury was to the driver.  There were fewer injuries than first feared in a car wreck of this magnitude. This accident involved a heavy on-road vehicle and fire. The truck left the roadway, flew airborne for a distance before striking the roadway on both the south and north bound lanes of the President George Bush Turnpike. The truck burst into flames almost immediately upon impact. The accident caused the closure of parts of two highways as emergency crews worked to control the fire and clear the roadways. Initial reports gave no cause for this one-vehicle accident. The investigation will attempt to determine why the truck left the I-30 roadway.

In this case, there was only one vehicle involved. Also, not damaged were two cars that traveled near the crash site at the time of the accident. The police at the scene reported no one else injured in a car wreck.

Accidents happen unexpectedly. Each year accidents hurt or kill many thousands of Americans.  If injured in a car wreck, one needs expert legal assistance. An experienced attorney can ensure that injured persons receive fair and just compensation.

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