Let an Accident Lawyer from Dallas Sort Out Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Any accident in a motor vehicle can be dangerous and even deadly. When multiple vehicles are a part of the crash, it can be even worse. The potential for more injuries is certainly there, as is the potential for confusion. An accident lawyer from Dallas may make sorting through the confusion a bit easier for everyone involved in the accident. However, it is a good idea to bring them to the case as soon as possible so they have fresh evidence and fresh stories from the mouths of witnesses.

A recent and tragic example of a multiple crash injury that will likely need the help of a good accident lawyer from Dallas. One man died from injuries sustained during a four-car crash that occurred in late November. A Jeep crashed into a Nissan stopped at a red light. The Jeep hit the vehicle at approximately 60mph, which resulted in a horrific crash. The speed of the vehicle sent it into the intersection of Westmoreland Road and Ledbetter Drive, where it hit another vehicle. The Nissan was also propelled into the intersection where it hit another vehicle. One man, Lee Skinner, died from his injuries.

These sorts of accidents that include a number of vehicles can be difficult to sort out. In this case, the Jeep was clearly at fault. However, many are not so clear cut and easy to unravel. Trying to determine liability on your own in these sorts of cases is very difficult, and you would be much better off leaving it to professionals. An accident lawyer from Dallas will have experience that can help him or her decipher the truth. The attorney can also help keep you apprised of what is happening with your case. Get in touch with Kirkendall Dwyer LLP for help with your case today.

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