Longview shop damaged by truck accident

Other cars and other drivers are not the only things that can be damaged when someone loses control on the road. A Longview, TX nail salon was damaged on the morning of Friday, March 7, when a truck crashed into the storefront. It is unknown what caused the accident, but only the driver was injured, since the nail parlor was not open for business at that time of the morning. The building was severely damaged, particularly because much of the storefront was glass and the collision was head on, smashing well into the interior of the business.

While it was fortunate that the accident was resolved with only property damage and minor injuries, it could have been much worse. If the salon had been open at the time, employees and customers would most likely have been seriously injured due to one car losing control. They would never have expected the possibility of being injured by a car while at their job or getting their nails done, but it very nearly happened anyway.

This is why even if you do not drive a truck or even a car that often, you should find a good truck accident lawyer. When you drive, you know that there’s potential for an accident, but the fact is that you can be a victim of a truck accident even when you are not on the road, and that any truck is big enough to cause serious damage.

If you have a truck accident lawyer selected ahead of time, you’ll be able to take proper legal action if a truck collides with you or your property, whether your property is your own vehicle or a building! If you still need to find a lawyer, Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can help.

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