New crash test dummies could show how car seats hold up in accidents

In an attempt to better predict how car seats would protect toddlers in case of an auto accidents, transportation officials are proposing use of a crash test dummy designed to simulate a 3-year-old child. It will be the first time such a dummy and test would be used.

Announcement of the potential upgrade to the nation’s safety standard for cars came in late January. The idea is to test whether child restraint systems, or car seats, would protect children 40 pounds and under in a side car wreck.

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Officials in Washington are attempting to give the same sort of peace of mind to parents before a car wreck even occurs, saying they want to make sure all car seats are as safe as possible. The proposed simulation will reportedly determine whether car seats can safely restrain a child by protecting the head from the vehicle’s door and decreasing the amount of force impacted the child’s head and chest

Federal representatives estimate incorporating the child test dummy and restraint chest would prevent five child fatalities and prevent 64 injuries a year. If a car seat did not perform well during the test simulating a car wreck, the manufacturer would have three years to make changes.

The proposal will have several more stages to get through before it could be accepted as a test procedure. Parents should keep an eye on the proposed policy change; if new standards become a rule, they will have more data to rely on to choose a car seat.

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