No Auto Accident Attorney for the First Car Accident

Today, millions of accidents happen on the roadways each year, which means that most of the time, an auto accident attorney is quite busy dealing with all of those cases. Accidents today are unfortunately commonplace. When most people think of car accidents, they simply think of the modern wrecks, and they do not consider just how long motor vehicles have been around and how many accidents there have been. Most certainly do not think about the first car accident in the country. However, it is actually quite interesting.

The first car accident recorded in the United States actually took place nearly a hundred and twenty years ago, and it happened in New York City. On May 30 of 1896, a man named Henry Wells, a resident of Springfield, Massachusetts, was driving through NYC. He was in his Duryea Motor Wagon, one of the first automobiles. While driving, he hit a bicycle rider named Evylyn Thomas. After the crash, Miss Thomas was unconscious and suffered a fractured leg. They brought her to the hospital, and the police took Wells to the police station where they held him. This accident, ancient as it might seem, is actually very similar to many of the accidents that happen today. One of the only real differences was that there was no auto accident attorney to help Miss Thomas.

Whether you are a driver, a bike rider, or a pedestrian, if you’ve been the victim of a car accident, you will want to make sure you get in touch with someone who can help you as soon as possible. An auto accident attorney from Kirkendall Dwyer can provide you with the legal counsel and help you need in order to receive damages for the injuries and damage you suffered. Do not delay in getting assistance after the wreck.

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