On what type of road are you most likely to crash?

It is widely known that there are many, many factors that can influence a car wreck and whether people involved will walk away relatively unharmed.

Officials keep track of such factors that many people never even think about but that Kirkendall Dwyer LLP car wreck attorneys in Dallas regularly consider in their clients’ cases.

For instance, did you know that more car wrecks happen in urban areas that in rural areas in Texas? This may seem a big no-brainer, but in all four highway systems — Interstate, U.S. Highway, State Highway and Farm-to-Market (FM) Roads — you are more likely to get in a wreck in a city than out in the country.

Urban, undivided four lane highways saw the most car wrecks in 2012. Two lane, two-way roads saw the second highest car accident action in cities and four or more lanes had the lowest accidents in the state.

It’s also important to consider what kind of car and trucks get into accidents with fatal results more often. The statistics show that:

  • Pick-up trucks in rural areas and passenger cars in the city have the highest numbers of deaths caused by car wrecks.
  • In rural areas fatalities happen most often to the top five vehicles in the following order: pick-up trucks, passenger cars, SUVs, truck-tractors/semi-trailers, and motorcycles.
  • In cities such as Dallas, the top five vehicles involved in fatal car wrecks include: passenger cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs, truck-tractor trailers and motorcycles.

Schools buses and farm equipment are at the lowest point on the list, with 9 fatalities involving school buses in 2012 and farm equipment tallying just one death in the country.

Knowing the facts surrounding cars or roads that could potentially be dangerous than others reminds drivers to stay alert and be aware of their environment.

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