One dead, five injured in Parker County wreck

Icy patches on the roadway may have been a factor in a recent multiple vehicle accident north of Weatherford. One woman died in the accident, and five others were seriously injured.

The driver of an SUV was headed west and lost control when she hit a patch of ice. The SUV crossed into oncoming traffic and struck a passenger car. The driver and passengers who were not killed in the wreck were taken to the hospital, with serious injuries.

If you are involved in a multiple vehicle accident, your car wreck attorney in Dallas will be able to tell you what information to gather at the scene, so that your case can be presented later.

The first step after a wreck, of course, is checking for injuries and calling 911 for police help. The police will come and make out a report, and they will inform you when you can leave the scene.

Meanwhile, take photographs of the vehicles involved and of the road conditions and skid marks, if any. Your car wreck attorney in Dallas will advise you to gather information from the other people in the accident, including their names, phone numbers and insurance information.

Don’t speak with any insurance adjusters for other parties after you have sustained an injury or loss. Speak with Kirkendall Dwyer LLP and they will let you know that even brief conversations with other insurance companies can be distorted. You will want only the truth to be used in hearings about your injuries and damages.

The police who respond to the scene will check to see if traffic laws were violated. They are not there to assign guilt or determine at that moment who caused the collision. When they allow you to leave the scene, see a physician as soon as you can, since not all injuries are not readily apparent in an accident.

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