Teenagers Killed in Car Wreck

Two teenagers lost their lives in a car wreck in Dallas on November 10, 2013. According to reporting in Dallas News, the teenagers were both 17 years-old and were pronounced dead on the scene. The car had seven passengers. Some of the passengers had only minor injuries following the crash, though others ended up being taken to the hospital with critical injuries.

There were only five seatbelts in the vehicle, providing inadequate safety for the passengers. The investigation into the cause of the accident continues. Police officials interviewed in the article emphasized the tragedy of lives being cut so short due to car accidents, an all-too-common occurrence on the roadways around Texas.

The car was pictured completely destroyed, its crumpled remains standing in a field while investigators combed over the scene, trying to find clues as to the cause of the accident.

Young people tend to be at risk of being involved in deadly car accidents for reasons that adults would likely avoid out of experience. One of those real risks that teenagers take is piling too many people into a vehicle, which reduces the safety that any occupant can expect tremendously. In any vehicle, the number of safety belts corresponds to the maximum number of people that the vehicle can carry and older drivers need to emphasize this to younger drivers.

In cases where someone is injured or killed in a vehicle due to some sort of negligence on the part of the driver, the family may be able to seek compensation with the assistance of a car accident lawyer in Dallas drivers can call upon to help them seek compensation. These attorneys may be able to find where the negligence played a part in the tragedy and help the survivors and the victims seek compensation for their suffering.

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