Texas DOT unveils new crash report system

Many times when car accidents happen, getting the police report can be a bit cumbersome and tricky — and could take weeks. However, a new system unveiled by the Texas Department of Transportation is supposed to make getting documentation of an accident easier, promising downloads “for more immediate, efficient results.”

The Crash Report Online Purchase System is public access to vehicle crash reports filed with the Texas Department of Transportation by police and other law enforcement. If you need documentation following a crash, which is especially helpful if you are in talks with a car accident attorney like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, the online system is supposed to be a quick option.

Before the new system was unveiled in February this year, motorists had to request a copy of the report from the Department of Transportation by snail mail with a payment attached. Once you remembered to actually send off for the report, you then had to wait for the response and hope your request made it to TxDOT without incident.

Now, officials say reports can be downloaded in a matter of minutes and are searchable with the required information. You can purchase the report, which costs $6 to $8, with any major credit card. The reports are confidential unless the requester can provide certain information about the car wreck.

The new system is a win for cases where you need to contact a car accident attorney, as it cuts down on the time where not having the report may hold up your progress. Remember that if you are in a situation where you have to handle a car or truck accident, don’t do it alone. Contact Kirkendall Dwyer LLP attorneys for a free consultation at 713-522-3529.

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