Texas semi driver dragged by Oregon snowplow

The icy Oregon weather caused a local semi driver to skid and crash sideways on I-84 in Oregon on Sunday, March 2. This caused other semi drivers behind him to crash as well. The accident caused two fatalities, but one was a bit more unusual than the other. The Texas semi driver’s body was found ¾ of a mile away from the rest of the accident, requiring further investigation.

The poor weather conditions may have contributed to the second fatality’s condition more than just by causing the initial accident. Officials theorize that he was thrown from his truck by the initial collision and then possibly dragged or pushed by a snowplow. It’s unlikely that the investigators will be able to determine for certain if this was the case or if the driver might have been able to be saved if he had not been pushed down the road. However, the snowplow is looking like the most logical possibility at the moment, and it’s obviously distressing for those close to the deceased to think of such a thing occurring, especially since conditions might have been better if the plow had come through sooner.

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