Truck Driver Killed in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Truck Accident

Courtesy of Star-Telegram

On May 28 before 8 am, one tractor trailer pushed another off of Interstate Highway 35W, causing that 18 wheeler to roll off the highway.  The driver of the truck that rolled was killed, while the driver of the truck that caused the accident did not even stop.

This tragic story highlights the dangers that long-distance truck drivers face everyday.  We often think of passenger cars being at the greatest risk of getting in a serious accident with an eighteen-wheeler, but unfortunately, two eighteen-wheelers can end up in fatal accidents as well.

It is each truck driver’s responsibility to make sure that they are driving as defensively as possible whenever they are on the road.  This becomes even more crucial at high speeds on the highway.  Driving defensively means obeying the speed limit, maintaining a safe distance with other vehicles, and keeping a strict eye out for the “no zone”, or the large blind spots that most trucks have.

Safe truck driving means taking care of the truck, making sure it is maintained and in safe driving condition, but it also means taking care of yourself.  No matter how safe a truck is, it is only as safe as its driver.  This means taking mandated breaks, not driving longer than is permitted, and remaining drug and alcohol free.

When one or more of these things fail to happen, tragic accidents can happen in an instant.  If you or a loved one have been in an accident with an eighteen wheeler, we can help.  Whether the worst has happened and someone has lost their life, or you have suffered serious personal injury and property damage, we can help get you answers.

In the case of 18 wheeler accidents, it is often a trucking company violation that has set a chain of events into motion, ending with the accident.  The responsible party should be held accountable.  We have the experienced attorneys and the resources to get to the bottom of your accident.  Contact the attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP today to get your free consultation.  You have nothing to lose; call today.

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