Car Wreck Kills 1, Injures Another

A driver is injured and a woman was killed in a car wreck after an accident involving three vehicles in Anna, Texas. A woman was driving a Dodge SUV on the southbound lane of 121 before 1:30 pm when she struck a box truck on impact. According to the police, the woman driving the Dodge SUV was officially declared dead at the scene. Her daughter that was in the vehicle survived the accident.

Additionally, a third vehicle became involved in the wreck. Two children and the father were taken to the hospital. The police at the scene are not sure how the third vehicle got involved in the accident.

Accident experts are increasingly frustrated by the number people that are killed in car wrecks on highway 121. According to Sgt. Jeff Caponera with Anna Police Department, the police always hope’s for the best when they get to the wreck, but usually it’s not the best outcome.  In the last week and a half this was the second car wreck to occur on 121. Last Tuesday, a wreck took place near the same part of 121. A woman was killed and a off-duty Plana firefighter Lindy Lawley was severely injured.

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