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18-Wheeler Strikes Car and then Median on I-35E

A two-vehicle crash early on Tuesday diverted northbound I-35 traffic near Whitlock Lane for almost eight hours, as reported by WFAA. The northbound lanes had to be closed after the debris from the crash was scattered on the interstate.

The accident occurred when an 18-wheeler hit a car and then the median. The truck ended up on its side, spilling its steel pipe load, along with fuel. The driver of the car can contact a Dallas truck accident attorney to determine the best way to recover from his medical and financial injuries. Fortunately, his physical injuries were only minor, but his car was extensively damaged after being hit by the semi truck.

If you are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, provide your police statement and have your physical injuries attended to. Do not admit any fault, even if you think you might be at fault. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can advise you on how to proceed after the accident.

Taking photos after the accident, if you are uninjured, will help to document the damage to your vehicle. They will also document the way the crash unfolded. Photo the Department of Transportation license for the tractor and trailer, any skid marks left by the truck – only if it is safe – and any other information on the truck or the trailer.

You may also gather information from the area around the scene of the accident. This includes the license and insurance information for the truck driver, and the insurance information for the owner of the truck and trailer. Jot down the names of any witnesses to the accident.

Seek immediate medical attention, unless a medic at the scene treats you and assures you that you don’t need anything else. Protect your legal rights by contacting a Dallas truck accident attorney as soon as you have attended to your health.

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