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Multi Car Wreck

Courtesy of Fox Four News

Interstate 30 saw a series of accidents on Thursday morning.  First, the driver of a Jaguar clipped a sport utility vehicle.  Second, instead of stopping to make sure everyone was safe, the driver of the Jaguar fled the scene and then caused another accident by rear-ending a minivan.  Finally, to make matters worse, the Jaguar was then hit by two additional cars.  The make and model of the additional cars is unknown as of publication.

The initial accident happened just east of Winslow Avenue on the interstate around 1 a.m.  Sheriff’s deputies reported that the SUV, after it was clipped by the Jaguar, ran off the  freeway.   To date nobody has interviewed the driver of the Jaguar or determined the reason for the initial contact with the SUV.  These facts will come out either during a criminal investigation against the driver of the Jaguar or during discovery in a civil lawsuit.  Either way, I’m sure the driver of the SUV and mini-van would like an explanation as to why they were hit by the driver of this luxury vehicle.

Four people sustained car wreck injuries, including the Jaguar driver, who had to be cut from the  wreckage.  In a case like this, it would be advisable for those injured by the driver of the Jaguar to hire a Dallas car wreck attorney.  A Dallas car wreck attorney can provide advice regarding their legal rights.  The confusion created by such an event requires those experienced in sorting through the mess.  An car accident lawyer will be able to advise as to whether you even need an attorney.

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