Elderly Couple Die in Car Crash

An elderly couple from Joshua died in a car accident on November 8, 2013, according to reporting in CBS DFW. The couple were killed on I-635 following a collision with another vehicle. The couple was driving a Honda CRV at the time of the crash.

The report revealed that the husband and wife were 79 and 74 years old, respectively. The wife was driving at the time and died at Methodist Hospital. The husband was killed at the scene. The driver of the other vehicle managed to escape without any injuries. At the time of the report, police did not know whether the other driver would face any charges.

The accident occurred near the exit to I-20 at 7:40PM, according to the report.

Accidents involving vehicles at exit and entry ramps are very common and oftentimes cause very serious injuries and deaths. These are areas where many of the vehicles will be accelerating significantly or braking, if they’re exiting a faster road. In these areas, vehicles oftentimes have to merge with one another, as well, which means that there tend to be a lot of vehicles driving in one another’s blind spots.

Be particularly careful where major roads come together. Remember to use your head to check behind you before merging and to keep an eye out for drivers running out of lane to merge if you’re on the faster roadway.

If you are injured in a car accident, a Dallas car crash lawyer may be able to help. If there was some sort of negligence involved on the part of the other driver, the car crash lawyer may be able to help you by pursuing a lawsuit for compensation for the pain and suffering, property damage and medical expenses you may have incurred in the accident.

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