Liquid Nitrogen Truck Accident Prompts Scare on I-20

A truck carrying large quantities of liquid nitrogen overturned on an interstate 20 ramp on Monday. Liquid nitrogen rapidly turns to gas in contact with the air, which resulted in delay on the highway.  The truck was an 18-wheeler, and its container developed a leak on impact. The resulting cloud of nitrogen gas blocked visibility near the ramp for westbound I-20 up through northbound Spur 408.
Due to the size of the tank and the leak caused by the impact of the truck when it overturned, it reduced the visibility well beyond inclement weather and standard driving hazards like fog. This necessitated the temporary shutdown while the situation was handled to restore safe driving conditions. While the gas resulting from liquid nitrogen is highly visible, and liquid nitrogen itself is known to be very cold, it is not harmful to motorists. The shutdown of the I-20 ramp was due to the lack of visibility, not any dangerous properties of the chemical leak, which is why the ramp was opened again as soon as visibility was restored.

No car wreck injuries or resulting accidents were reported, but this has still highlighted the importance of a qualified Dallas car accident lawyer for many Texan motorists who are injured in by a truck accident. The accident occurred at approximately 1:30PM, and the traffic congestion that resulted stretched well into rush hour. While this situation was resolved in a fairly benign fashion, the overturning of an 18-wheel truck hauling chemicals is nothing to be taken lightly. Accidents involving large vehicles often require the expertise of a Kirkendall Dwyer LLP truck accident lawyer to properly assess and provide legal advice for those involved.

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