Multiple vehicle collision on Spaulding Turnpike

The Spaulding Turnpike was temporarily closed recently, after a five-car accident. The first car swerved to avoid hitting a deer, leading to the multi-car accident. It happened south of Little Bay Bridges. It appeared to police investigating the wreck that one car had struck the deer, which resulted in the chain-reaction, as reported by Sea Coast Online.

The vehicles ended up in the high-speed lane, but no one was injured. Firefighters stayed at the scene to protect the vehicles from passing motorists, while the investigation continued. There was only one vehicle that had to be towed away, and the police assume this was the vehicle that struck the deer.

Calling your car accident attorney, you can get good instructions on what to do immediately after an accident. This call, of course, would be made after checking for injuries and dialing 911.

Remain at the scene as long as it is safe, until the police take your statement and allow you to leave. Call your insurance agent, and do not admit blame to anyone. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP advises that you exchange information with the other drivers in the wreck. This should include names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance information.

Take photographs with your phone, if the scene is safe. Photo the damages to your car and other vehicles. Also, take pictures of the positions of the vehicles, any debris in the roadway and any skid marks. Photograph anything that would help in identifying the accident scene’s location, like exit numbers and intersection signs. Calling your car accident attorney will give you the chance to speak freely with someone about the wreck.

Take the names, phone numbers and email addresses of people on the scene who could be potential witnesses. If there are any commercial vehicles involved, write down the names and telephone numbers of the companies on the vehicles. You may need this information when you seek compensation after the accident.

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