Plano Mom Killed in Car Wreck

Tragedy recently hit Dallas when debris fell from an 18-wheeler, smashing the window of Plano mom Zackquelyn Johnson’s vehicle.  She was driving on highway Interstate 20 with her three children when a metal drum fell or broke off of the truck and went through her windshield.  She died from her injuries on Monday, and the one-year old child is still in the hospital with injuries.

Authorities are on the lookout for a 18 wheel truck that is fairly new looking. The truck is gray and may be carrying a flatbed with some equipment strapped onto it.  The driver is not expected to face criminal charges but police need to speak to the person. The driver may not know that debris came off of the truck and killed this woman.  Moreover, the company that operates the truck may face civil charges since negligence may have been involved.  If that is the case, then a car accident attorney could help the victim’s family navigate the legal system while seeking justice for their loss.

When a situation like this happens or when a person is hit by a truck, then a the victim may need a lawyer.  A Dallas injury attorney will help cover the cost of medical bills and help with emotional suffering for the family.  A Kirkendall Dwyer LLP car wreck attorney is always available to discuss your legal options.  While an attorney can not help bring back a loved one, they can help in this tragic time.

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