Suspected Drunk Driver Causes Side-Impact collision

Dallas Car Wreck Attorney

Courtesy of Fox News

This story about a drunk driver accident bothers the hell out me, and imagine it will upset the few people who will actually read this blog.   Four people recently decided to rent a limo and have a safe night out on the town.  Whether celebrating a special anniversary of just having a fun night out, those in the limousine made a conscience decision to play it safe.   Unfortunately, when we leave the house we are always subjected to the recklessness of others.

While exiting Stemmons freeway a suspected drunk driver broadsided the limo and caused it to roll over onto its roof.  What happened to the safety-conscience passengers in the limo?   Well, they were all taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office plans on charging the driver of the BMW with intoxication assault.  While of course the car accident lawyers at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP respect that all people are innocent until proven guilty, we always want those guilty to pay the price to both society and those individuals actually harmed.

If you are ever injured by the recklessness (negligence works to), then it is imperative that you hire the right attorney to represent you.  In America, the civil justice system is in place to both punish those who done wrong and compensate those who have been injured by such wrongdoing.  I understand, sometimes you don’t want to be considered “litigious,” but in accidents involving a suspected drunk driver, you owe it to society (not just yourself) to make sure that individual is held accountable for their actions.  Unfortunately, some people never learn until they get in to serious trouble.  Ideally, after an aggressive car accident attorney is done with a suspected drunk driver, then that person will think twice before endangering the lives of others.

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