Tragic Accident Kills Mansfield Teenager

The loss of any form of life is always a tragedy. Perhaps what hits hardest for most is the death of the young, particularly children. With so many newly licensed drivers on the road, there are bound to be some accidents. A quick search will bring up hundreds of news articles about such tragic events.

A recent tragic event took the life of DaJuan Ward, who was only 18 years old when he died on May 15, 2013. Blessed with the gift of music, Ward was a Red Oak High School senior in Mansfield, TX just outside of the Dallas area. This is a story made even more tragic when you realize that he was so close to graduating.

Friends and family sadly recollect memories of his passion fueled performances and unforgettable voice of an angel. They say that he was a very friendly and upbeat young man that you never saw without a smile. Forever ready to cheer you up if you were down, Ward was loved by many.

His family and friends say that not only did he always have a ready smile, but he was also very liberal in doling out warm hugs. They say that if he saw you looking glum at school, he would pull you aside to the hall for the simple reason of giving you a hug.

Ward is said to have been particularly outgoing, possibly in part due to his being in the choir. DaJuan Ward was driving near a construction zone when he crashed and was killed.  His car veered right off of Highway 287 into the grass median. After that, he unfortunately hit a small pickup truck that was in the construction zone. Police are still in the process of investigating the crash to determine exactly how control of the car was lost. This is just one of many stories of a teenager killed in a car wreck. Hiring a car wreck attorney won’t help mitigate the loss, but it can help with closure and provide the financial assistance needed after a tragic loss.

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