Two Killed in Accident with Dump Truck on LBJ Freeway

Photo Courtesy of WFAA

On September 10, 2013 at around 10 in the morning, a car accident occurred when a dump truck traveling east on IH-635 jumped over the concrete retaining wall, landing in westbound traffic.  The dump truck ended up straddling the retaining wall, crushing one vehicle on either side of the wall.

The passenger of a silver Toyota Camry escaped unscathed, but the two passengers of a white Lexus were killed in the accident.  The victims were T.D. and Charlyne Millikan, grandparents in their 80s.  The cause of the accident remains unclear, but there are several common causes of accidents involving large construction or commercial vehicles.  Click here to read more about the potential causes of such accidents.

The accident took place at LBJ and Webb Chapel Road, an area of heavy construction in the LBJ Express Project, which is a billion dollar project to expand the highway.  The dump truck itself was working on the project and had just dropped off a load.  Diesel fuel was spilled onto the highway as a result of the accident as well.  Both directions of the highway were shut down for hours, causing major gridlock.

This most recent traffic fatality is another example of how dangerous major construction can be.  Especially in the case of the LBJ Express Project, because the highway remains open despite major construction, cars traveling at freeway-speeds are in particular danger for gruesome accidents.  Not only are roadways are torn up, but there are huge construction vehicles present at every turn.  Accidents that occur while going at high speeds are usually much worse than others, but accidents that occur at high speeds with construction vehicles like dump trucks are almost always deadly.  Even when a driver is as careful as possible, horrible accidents like this can still occur.

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