Construction Worker Injured by Car


Dallas police are investigating the an incident involving a car wreck and an injured construction worker that occurred Wednesday morning on July 3. The injured worker should consider consulting with a car wreck attorney.  Few details are currently available about the collision that happened on the ramp from eastbound 635 to the Dallas North Tollway. The car apparently ran into a construction barrier, injuring one of the workers. The severity of the worker’s injuries are not known at this time.

Car wreck attorneys may be interested in what steps are taken to prevent construction zone accidents. The number of construction zone accidents in Dallas County seems to be increasing along with the level of road construction work being done. More than 2,000 construction-related accidents occurred in the county in 2012.
Some question remain unanswered at this time. A car accident attorney would conduct an independent investigation:

  • Was the driver distracted by texting, eating, or talking on the phone?
  • Does the driver have any history of traffic violations?
  • Was weather a factor and was the driver exercising reasonable care at the time the accident occurred?
  • Was adequate signage and warnings in place to notify drivers of the construction work?

Personal injury lawyers ensure your rights are protected if you are involved in an accident.

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