Driver Killed in North Dallas

A Dallas man lost his life in a car crash on November 7, 2013. According to Dallas News, the only vehicle involved in the crash was the driver’s. The accident occurred at approximately 1 am and involved the vehicle hitting several fixed objects and finally crashing into a utility pole.

According to the reporting, the man was 22 years old. He was on Frankfort Road when his passenger indicated that the left turn lane was ending. He moved to the right suddenly and the vehicle ended up spinning halfway around.

The vehicle went over the media and eventually crashed into a utility pole. The driver was killed during the accident. The passenger managed to escape with minor cuts. He was treated in Plano.

Investigators had yet to determine the cause of the accident at the time of the report.

Running out of lane is an everyday inconvenience of driving. It happens in areas where cars are merging, where larger roads eventually narrow down into two-lane roads and at intersections where lanes sometimes end at the lights or stop signs. It’s important to be aware of this and not to wait until the last minute to jerk back into another lane.

Oftentimes, not only does this run the risk of losing control of the vehicle, it also runs the risk of hitting something or someone alongside the car that is undetected. This can result in hitting medians and curbs, hitting other cars, bicyclists and many other potentially deadly outcomes.

If you are injured in an accident that was due to any sort of erratic driving, contact a car accident attorney in Dallas to review your claim. There are accidents that are no one’s fault. There are others, however, where someone may clearly be at fault and where talking to an attorney may be advisable.

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