Fatigued truck drivers place other drivers at risk

Those who drive cars and ride motorcycles are justifiably worried about fatigued truck drivers causing accidents on the highways around the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Truck driving is serious, and even if a driver is skilled and experienced, fatigue can slow down his reaction time, leading to accidents that might otherwise be avoided.

Many truckers take on jobs that require them to drive longer on the road than they can reasonably expect to accomplish. They don’t have enough of a chance to rest if they are trying to meet unreasonable deadlines. If you are an in accident with an 18-wheeler, contact a Dallas truck accident lawyer to learn your rights after this type of collision.

Truck driver fatigue has now been identified as a main cause of 18-wheeler accidents. Schedules may push drivers to stay on the road longer than they should. Even though they realize that they are tired, they want to make their deadlines. However, turning the radio up or having a giant cup of coffee is not enough to overcome real fatigue.

If you are a victim of a crash with a semi truck, you may be seriously injured, and unable to work. You should get the medical attention you need and then get in touch with a Dallas truck accident lawyer, like those at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, since they know how important it is that truck drivers not try to do their jobs while fatigued.

The next step in your recovery, if you are in a collision with an 18-wheeler, is to find out what your rights are, and how you can get your life back on track. Attorneys who specialize in this type of case have helped victims of truck accidents, to obtain positive outcomes for their negligence claims.

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