One killed, three hospitalized in auto wreck

A Dallas area man was killed, and three other people were injured in an accident on Highway 175 recently. A pickup truck tried to pass a car, and then the car was forced into a highway divider. The car then entered the roadway again and collided with the truck.

To accidentally injure another person is distressing, but that does not mean that you are not entitled to have your damages addressed by the party at fault. As they learn to cope with their feelings, they are still responsible for the pain, suffering and property damage they have caused you. Your auto accident lawyer in Dallas will understand the best ways to address these concerns so that you can be repaid for your losses.

Of course, some losses cannot be properly repaid in dollars. If a passenger in your vehicle died due to the negligence of another driver, you will feel guilty, even though it was the other driver’s fault. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP understands these feelings and will pursue your case for you through the other party’s insurance company, which may traumatize the guilty driver less.

Even months after an accident, you may still have recurrent thoughts of the collision, and you may even relive the entire experience. You may experience acute or post-traumatic stress, and for these, you also deserve compensation. PTSD may not appear until months or years after the accident. Your auto accident lawyer in Dallas will understand how to best handle the damages that have been done to you by the at-fault driver.

In the first several weeks after an accident, you may feel detached, disconnected or numb. You may close yourself off from the outside world. Sleep may be difficult. Yet this is the time when legal matters must be pursued, and you can count on your auto accident lawyer in Dallas to handle the case for you, even if you are not physically or mentally able to cope with the aftermath of your accident.

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