Three-Car Crash Results in Fatality

A three car accident killed a driver in mid-October of 2013. According to Chron, the accident took place in North Loop in the very early morning hours, near 3:25am.

The accident was described as a chain reaction, in which a Toyota Camry hit a driver in a Chevrolet sedan. When the driver of the Camry got out to check on the driver he struck, he himself was struck by a third vehicle and was killed at the scene. Neither of the other drivers were injured, making the Camry driver the only injury or fatality associated with this wreck.

Assistance Requires Caution

Drivers get killed all the time when they exit their vehicles following a crash. On busy roads, and particularly on Interstate highways, this is a very dangerous enterprise. There are procedures that one can follow to maximize their level of safety but, unfortunately, being alongside a road is always a dangerous situation and there will always be hazards that could be life threatening.

Be sure that you scan the roadway and make sure it’s safe to exit your vehicle in the event of a crash. It’s far too easy to get excited because of the accident and leave your vehicle without realizing that you’re exiting into yet another dangerous situation.

Make sure you have an emergency kit in your car, including triangles that warn drivers that there is a hazard ahead. These can save lives if deployed properly and help to avert the type of disasters described above.

Chain reaction accidents are particularly dangerous, with more than one car piling up after the first accident has occurred, compounding the danger. A car accident lawyer may be able to find who and what started the accident.

If you’re injured by a driver outside if your vehicle or in, be sure to contact a car accident lawyer about filing a lawsuit to get compensation for your injuries.

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